Thursday, 26 June 2014

it's the sun

it's the sun (i)
"Look at you with your colour co-ordination," said Kitti.
SUMMER FUN! sian doesn't know what it's like where you are, but round here it's pretty fine right now, so shehe thought, hey, let's do something sunny and garish and primary coloured and urban (note that the mesh body's making sian veer towards the feminine but normal androgyny will be resumed eventually).  

sian imagined listening to something urban making this. sian was trying to channel Nicki Minaj...

...but Kitti, who was present was like, no, that's totally Macklemore. She's got a point.

it's the sun (ii)
The shoes and feet are all governed by that same HUD - even the heel height! sian gets excited about stuff like that.

One of the things sian has found with this mesh head business is how much easier it is to photograph an avatar in extreme or severe lighting. This seems a good opportunity for sian to share hisher own handmade windlight settings for your enlightenment and delectation - you can download them in a convenient zip file here. Strawberry Singh has a good tutorial on how to install them which makes any instructions here redundant. sian hopes that you enjoy them.
it's the sun (iii)
This set was taken with the kind permission of bunz on her beach.
sian wears:
[RachelBreaker] FrostingCoat #3 (old Arcade gacha prize)
[DRIFT] Oblivion Shorts [MESH] Latex
[MANDALA] EARGASM headphones
[geek.] Atrim460 Ring -Black- (Pointer Finger)
[The Shops!] Freebie Pumps (Ouch!); Body, Hands, Feet; Head(f) - Fierce (Deluxe)
[MaxiGossamer] Eyelashes - Party - Swallow Wings 

download sian's windlights