Sunday, 14 September 2014

brain bleach

brain bleach (i)
Sian was wearing this getup when she last saw friend Portia, who said, "Sian looks like she wants get herself hypnotised." Portia's been writing in brave detail of her adventures in the world of Real World B, D, S and M recently, and knows a little of Sian's adventures and roleplay scenes.

But here's the thing.

Thursday, 4 September 2014


consumer (iii) define oneself by media consumption is not just unhealthy, it’s vacuous. To do so is to go beyond the necessary distractions from the real world’s tedium and travails. It’s a demand for a Huxley-esque perpetual childhood. 
Gamers won’t die because there will always be, in capitalism, people who define themselves by what they buy. When their imaginary identity politics are challenged, they’ll lash out, angrily, with as much vitriol as they can muster. 
Ian Williams, "Death to the Gamer",

Friday, 15 August 2014

digital witness

digital witness (i)
"If I can't show it, you can't see me."
Sian's gender today has once more waxed gently towards the feminine, thanks to the MeshProject body that she still isn't tired of.

She has been thinking about social media. She wanted to make a set of images perhaps expressing something about the constant reaching for Likes and Faves, but realised that the simple fact of posting Second Life fashion pictures was enough.

Anyway. A long meditation on social media follows, which includes video and more pretty pictures. but it all starts with the undeniable and inalterable fact that Sian loves St. Vincent.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

how to achieve an ersatz shine

ersatz shine (iii)
Oh that's nice jewellery. Wherever can it be from? WELL, READ ON.
Two things. First, this is notice that, for a number of exceptionally good reason, MetaTheodora, which you may or may not know is sian's Second Life shop, will soon be no more. In its place comes Chariot. You can find Chariot's very first offerings (pictured here, along with some recent and old stuff from MetaTheodora) in the July round of We Love Roleplay.

They are shiny. sian likes making things that are shiny.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

it's the sun

it's the sun (i)
"Look at you with your colour co-ordination," said Kitti.
SUMMER FUN! sian doesn't know what it's like where you are, but round here it's pretty fine right now, so shehe thought, hey, let's do something sunny and garish and primary coloured and urban (note that the mesh body's making sian veer towards the feminine but normal androgyny will be resumed eventually).  

sian imagined listening to something urban making this. sian was trying to channel Nicki Minaj...

...but Kitti, who was present was like, no, that's totally Macklemore. She's got a point.