Monday, 7 April 2014

those of us who survive her

those of us who survive her (iii)
sian: "move over here?" Norah: "'Move over here, your Eminence.'" sian: "sorry, your Excellency."
Until the Singularity came, it could be said that the greatest limiter of a tyrant's power was death. But our dictator of course used the available technology to extend her life indefinitely. i am looking at the evidence photographs of me on personal bodyguard duty for her from shortly before her assassination. i see a - granted, heavily augmented - woman barely out of her teens, dressed as a calculated pinup. She was in fact one hundred and thirty-nine years old. She had been in power for ninety-three of those years. Very little of her original human body remained. If the assassins had not successfully erased her persona backups a few seconds before the bullet struck, i have no doubt that i would have been liquidating enemies of her regime for decades to come. 

Here in prison, i have had the fortune to read.

Of the effectively proto-Stalinist Roman Emperor Domitian, Tacitus wrote, "Those of us who survived him were the survivors of ourselves" (Agricola, chapter iii). i understand that. They died inside, those ancient agents of the state, forced to denounce their friends and families and send them to hideous deaths over and over, for the sake of continued existence. But who, bar the intervention of the bullet, can survive a dictator who achieves effective immortality? You have characterised me as an emotionless, compassionless killer, but what other option did i have?

 - Unit 37542, formerly of General Vespers' Directorate for Special State Security, in a pre-trial statement to the UN Human Rights Committee's "Atrocity Exhibition", following the dissolution of the People's Glorious Democratic Republic of North America, read into the record 15th August 2214
those of us who survive her (ii)
We had fun doing this shoot.
Our Perfect and Glorious Leader, Her Excellency the Invincible and Ever-Triumphant General Norah Vespers wears:
[Remarkable Oblivion] Paragon Cap - Kremlin Grey; Paragon Sash - Burning Red
[UTILIZATOR] Rikugou Strike Armor
[Color.Me.H.O.F] [BasicPushupSet[Black]
[Nox.] Ombre Blush [Watermelon]
[Buzz] Essentials - Royale Liner
[The Plastik]Madre Halo://6
[Hello Spacegirl] Ilia Collar (black); Ilia Corset (black)
[Glam Affair] Neva Frost 01 E

sian, Unit 37542 of the Directorate for Special State Security, wears:
[coldLogic] trouser - fields.pitch
[Fruk] Nitric boots Black
[Maxi Gossamer] Eyelashes - Party - Inverted Crown
[Pink Acid] Queen Bee Eyeliner
[THESKINSHOP] (24) (SKIN) 'Chocolata' (Ebony) (Soft); (LIPSTICK) 'Juicy' (Cafe)
[Real Eyes] Sclera Electrica
[B(B)] Cyber Lenses

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

why the dragonborn collect

dragonborn (ii)
Aside from the mesh head and wings, pretty much everything worn here is either a gacha prize or an exclusive at The Secret Affair which opens April 6th.
You accuse us of hoarding, and it it true, we collect the shiny things, keep them safe in heaps and piles in our homes, but you must understand that we see this not as theft but as safekeeping, that these things might be kept pristine from the younger races; you too do not see that the shiniest thing we collect is knowledge, the better that it is never misused. Now, though, it is time to use the shiny things, for it is time to face the truths of  everything. Now listen.
- Beo Numen, Dragonborn of Llangomstay
dragonborn (i)
DRD's little dragon actually moves! It's pretty fun.
sian wears: 
[DRD] daenerys outfit brown (pants only); GOT Belt; red dragon; armor - light GOT (all at The Secret Affair); wings of eternal darkness - copper
[PFC] Dragon Slayer - Bracer (iron); Dragon Slayer - Skull arm; Dragon Slayer - Tiara (iron) RARE (all at The Secret Affair)
[Azoury] Stark Boots Brown (at The Secret Affair)
[BFI] Orun Head (Bronze); Alien Tattoo "The Infection"
[Slink] Avatar Enhancement Hands
[Miamai] Ordoroe tattoo black (applier)
[A:S:S] Mahi Mahi nails (applier)
[Nuuna] Kati skin  [Expresso]

Monday, 24 March 2014

it is out of my hands

out of my hands (i)
Pourquoi m'aimeraient-ils... je ne sais pas qui je suis. - Moebius, SRA.
i'd freely offer to assist you 
but i'm afraid it's out of my hands
though it's now quite easy to resist you
i'd freely offer to assist you
to hear you to hold you to kiss you
to submit to all your demands
i'd freely offer to assist you 
but i'm afraid it's out of my hands
out of my hands (iii)
NSFW extra pic
sian wears:
[sYs] BABYLON - dress (Origami pink); VORTEX (gloves only) - Pink (@ Saviad Fair)
[Nox.] Prosper Brows [Tintable]
[Glamorize] Jaded Black - Pink
[THESKINSHOP] (01) (LIPSTICK) 'Juicy' (Light Purples) (Orchid); (01) (SKIN) 'Chocolata' (Fit) (Bold); TheMeshProject! (MeshFoot)(f) 'Low'
[erratic] studded earrings / pink silver
[Maxi Gossamer] Eyelashes - Party - Swallow Wings
[BySnow] Valentine Eyes 2013 (Pink)

Monday, 10 March 2014

she adopts a mask

casualdroid (i)
The face, chest and right arm are from a full-perm avatar kit sian has been selling full perm on Marketplace.
There are still some left.
i saw you on the street; 
i tightly smiled and passed you by.
i never expect we'll meet
i saw you on the street
it's all i can do to greet
you, let alone to catch your eye. 
i saw you on the street; 
i tightly smiled and passed you by.

casualdroid (ii)
The Blue Galaxy clothes are actually intended for furry avatars. They may prove a little too roomy for human avs.
sian wears:
[MetaTheodora] Sexy Robot Kit (pieces); SOPHIE avatar (beamer arm only)[Blue Galaxy] Cargo Pants Female - Stripes; Jupitair Shirt Female - White
[A+Y] Deuz Boots Metallic (Short) - Black
[^.^Ayashi^.^] Headphones